Why Snack Mixes?

Some people love to fish. Some people love running marathons. I love to cook. I find it relaxing. My wife says it’s my love language. And honestly, I do find joy in people in enjoying my culinary creations.

By no means do I categorize snack mix as some kind of James Beard level culinary undertaking, but people seem to really enjoy my snack combinations. I have a lot more than the handful that I sell. These ones on the site are just the ones I chose to focus on right now. Maybe someday I can sell enough Geaux Fish that I can justify packaging Pecan Gold, a delicious mix that features candy coated sugar pecans. That’s up to you.

Back to why snack mix…Back in my early twenties, I was broke one Christmas. So, instead of sending presents to my friends and family, I made my first two mixes. One, which I call Kommodore Krunch. It’s very similar to standard Chex mix, but it’s so much better. Why is it better? Probably just because I used more of the base ingredients. When I was a kid I loved these snacks called Doo-Dads. They had cheese crackers in the mix, so my Krunch has cheese crackers. The other mix I sent as a gift was the mix now formally known as Posh Nosh.

 My friends and family enjoyed getting snack mixes for Christmas. Both were big hits with my nieces and nephews. The next year I had money for presents and when I made calls asking what the kids wanted for Christmas, my siblings told me they wanted to know if I could send more snack mix.

As someone that likes efficiency, I like to change things to make them better. To us nerds, we call this refactoring. I didn’t want to just make the two mixes from the previous year, I wanted to refactor my approach. That is when I created Geaux Fish. Geaux Fish was on a different level from the other snacks. It took snacking from “mmm, this is pretty good” to “damn, what the hell is this $#:t? I cannot stop eating it and just want more and more of it.” Observing that this spicy soup cracker mix was such a hit with my overly critical family, Uncle Kev’s Snacks was born.